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【NO:DRIVE】Nanana - エルオーエル- (lol) CHRISTMAS RELEASE

【NO:DRIVE】Nanana - エルオーエル- (lol) CHRISTMAS RELEASE #1
【NO:DRIVE】Nanana - エルオーエル- (lol) CHRISTMAS RELEASE #2 【NO:DRIVE】Nanana - エルオーエル- (lol) CHRISTMAS RELEASE #2 【NO:DRIVE】Nanana - エルオーエル- (lol) CHRISTMAS RELEASE #4

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Merry Christmas from OVER:DRIVE to you!

This was supposed to be a Christmas release. In true OVER:DRIVE fashion, we were late by like half a day. This song has no Christmas message, but it has a Christmas sound (I think it's the chords). We planned it barely a week ago, and the mix happened in like 3 days. I liked this song, and I forced them to sing it.

This was supposed to be an OVER:DRIVE 2.0 release, featuring our 8 members for HRRCB, but ended up being a release with the 6 members that participated in NO:DRIVE. So anticipate Ryo and a new member for that battle :P

Art done in a day by Nokie! (We'd credit the bases, but she couldn't find where they came from).

I put the wrong settings on and the audio in the video is slightly lower quality than the mp3 below. For the most part the audio was just lowered for some reason?

Mp3 download: https://app.box.com/s/jd69jfnllf8soak3ryq9gs7ngdpmf9x4

Download Here:



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