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10 Actors Who Turned Into Monsters

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In the entertainment business, maintaining your looks is an absolute must. Celebrities will do this by using something as simple as a Botox injection to complicated matters like a nose job, a facelift, eye lift, liposuction, injections, implants, and more. For example, reality star Heidi Montag got as many as ten plastic surgery procedures in one day and looked completely different from her original self. In an industry where the young rule the screen, aging celebrities feel the pressure to maintain their youth as long as possible. However, some celebs might try to cut corners and save money, which can result in a botched procedure and completely changing their looks. Yet, some celebrities might even just let time do its bidding, but it ends up working against them. Eventually, even with all the surgery, a celeb’s age will show and transform them into looking completely different! Father Time won’t let you skid by.

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